Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello Everyone,

I am finding it hard to write blog posts lately. :(

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Best wishes and stitches!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Memory Quilt

I know, I know I haven't posted in a VERY long time :(
That doesn't mean I haven't been stitching :)
I wanted to update you on the quilt I have mentioned in previous posts. The one I was piecing and my Mom was applique stitching....the one that has the tulips pieced out of my Dad's clothes (he passed last March)'s finished :) ....well just for the hand-stitching of the binding. 
Mom (she's 85) called today and said she had one side of the binding hand-sewn already...go Mom!

Now, I begin my quilt made from Dad's's a sneak peak...not sure if I'm going to make the clothing blocks "wonky" looking or do a more traditional straight strip pieced look. I will definitely be appliqueing the tulip blocks though.

It hasn't been easy (emotionally) to work on these quilts and to be honest there were/are some days that I just can't work on them, but I am SO happy I will still have an everlasting hug from Dad through a quilt.

OK, back to Christmas gift stitching!

Best wishes and stitches everyone!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Two Finishes and One Start

Finally! but Happily! The Petal Pusher Quilt I have been working on is finished!
(see previous posts)
This is definitely one of my favorite quilts I have made.

"Beatitudes" I was able to stitch this one Labor Day Weekend.

Those are the finishes :)

And this is the start....

For the last 6 weeks I have been eating the Paleo way and I am so happy to announce that most of my fibromylagia pain and fatigue are gone!!!
I am not making any medical claims here, I'm just saying this way of eating is working for me.
Google "Paleo" if you want to know what it is.
I still have a down day once in a great while but not way down like I was before, thank you God!!

As some of you may know I taught quilting in quilt shops, guilds and what not for 7 years until the Fibro hit.
I have missed teaching especially Beginners' Quilting.
Starting Tuesday, and for the next 5 weeks I will be teaching Beginners Quilting for free at my church. This will be a first for me, no tuition fee hassles, no quilt shop hassles, just the pure joy of teaching and to all who want to learn, not just those who can afford it....woo hoo!
We have a 10 year old quilting ministry at church called Hugs in Action, where we make quilts and give the quilts to those in need.
The students that participate in my class do not have a monetary fee but in exchange for the instruction and all quilt making supplies and fabrics, I ask that the quilt they make be donated to the ministry....15 students have signed up and I must admit I am beyond excited to teach quilting again!!
I feel so very blessed to take the gift that God has given me to pass along to others!

Best wishes and stitches everyone!

Monday, August 12, 2013

'Tis August

Happy August!

Stitched by me designed by Kathy Schmitz

I know we are half way through August already.....but I just got this mini quilt done and wanted to share :)

Yup! I'm still working on that Kim Diehl quilt  : /

Best wishes and stitches everyone!


Thursday, July 25, 2013


Not bad...but not done...wait for it :)

Best wishes and stitches!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Please read in a quiet whispering voice

I have locked myself in the sewing cottage and am TOTALLY focused on getting the Petal Pushers quilt done.....stay wishes and stitches....Tammy

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"I may have ??? but IT does not have ME"

A few weeks ago NWMom left this comment on my blog....

 I just came across your Blog and I must say your work is quite inspiring! So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. The loss of losing a father is so hard. Trust in the fact that he is heaven's gain, happy and free of the earthly pain he had endured. I'm sure your Dad is so very proud of his daughter and the amazing person you have become. Your blog has encouraged me to start moving beyond my own challenges I have with Lupus/fibro & all. Ironically, my Dad passed away this last fall and I never thought I'd get through the heavy sorrow and emptyness I felt, but time is on our side along with good memories shared amongst family and friends. Stay active and most importantly, keep moving beyond the Fibro! We know all too well the widespread pain issues, fatigue & all we constantly battle.. There is a saying I once heard and I try to live by..."I may have _______ (Fibromyalgia, Lupus,...) but IT does not have ME! " Keep posting for us on your inspiring Blog and keep amazing us! Perhaps this quilter wannabe will start quilting one of her own now!

I have been wanting to send her a response back to her comment that touched my heart so greatly but she left no way of contacting NWMom I hope you don't mind me putting this out on my blog.

Your comment comforted and inspired me when I needed it the most and I hope it will others too.
Gentle numerous hugs to you!!

NWMom is right we all need to try and remember that chronic pain or illness does not define who we are and with the help of God, others and blogger comments :)  we can get through those rough days and still enjoy the things we love to do.


I wanted to share a little something I have discovered in my sewing cottage to do while piecing a quilt....maybe a lot of you do this already but maybe some do not.

I know getting up and down frequently while sewing to press your piecing is always a good thing to do...but when you suffer from chronic fatigue or pain sometimes that up and down all the time wears you out quicker than usual and takes away from the time we can sew...and taking time away from our sewing time because we are tired and in pain, well just let me say, we all know how cranky we get about that  : /

In the sewing cottage I have my sewing machine on  a typical metal office desk. Lots of drawers to store stuff and lots of surface area to spread things around. When I piece, I open one of the drawers and place a ironing pad and mini iron to the side of where I sit and sew. I press the block while piecing then when the block is finished I get up and go to the "big" ironing board across the room to do a final pressing. Less up and down, but some up and down and more energy and less pain to sew with :)
Works for me maybe it will for you too.
If you have any other tips, please share....we are all in this together and you never know when your kind words or just sharing your experience may lift another up to a happier place :)

Let us know what you're stitching NWMom!

Best wishes and stitches everyone!